Understanding Vibration

I was watching a video podcast last week and the subject was on Quantum Physics, a science I’ve always been fascinated with.  The interviewee goes on to say that many people are turned off by the term ‘quantum physics’ because they immediately think its something difficult but its not.  She explained that Quantum Physics was just the study of the stuff that makes up the Universe, and in its most basic, primordial form, it was just energy or vibration.

She went on to explain that everything is made of this vibration including US so even though we “appear” to be made of solid matter, there really is no such thing, which has been scientifically proven.  She explained it even further but it made me pause to wonder why the majority of us as humans (even me at times) find it so hard to accept and believe that we are vibrational beings.  I guess it’s because we can’t see it, although, it explains so easily how our thoughts attract what they attract.  

Vibration is the same as energy and energy attracts like energy.  So, what we focus our thoughts on is what we attract because that is what our “vibration” is emitting.  This is why it’s so important to watch your thoughts and to try to focus on the things you want to attract and not the things that you don’t.  It really hit home with me this past week as I sat in the midst of a storm that hit my area pretty hard and I heard the wind howling outside my house.  Like vibration, I couldn’t see it other than the trees blowing and debris tumbling down the street but I, definitely, saw the results of it and I sure knew it was there!   

So just like the wind, our vibration is always there and if you want to see what you are emitting, just watch what comes into your life on a regular basis.  If you like it, keep doing what you’re doing, but if you don’t, change it.  Begin to watch your thoughts and emotions and begin to deliberately offer the vibration of what you want to see show up in your life and before long, it will!


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