When I got my first house under contract, there were a lot of things I didn’t know about finding buyers (like most people starting out), so I had to build what eventually became my Buyer’s List one name at a time.

The quickest way I found was, whenever I had a deal, to put it on Craigslist.  If it’s a good deal, you’ll definitely get calls.  After they asked their questions, then I would ask THEM questions, “What kind of properties were they looking for?”  “What areas were they looking to buy in?”, etc.  You qualify them, while they’re trying to qualify the deal.  That way even if they don’t buy that deal, you now have their info for future deals you find.  I got quite a few buyers that way. 

Also, once you sell the property, don’t take the ads down because you will still get calls.  Then you call tell them that the house they’re calling about was sold but you can call them for the next deal(s).  There are other sites like and other classified sites you can post on as well but Craigslist is still the mother of them all!

Also, when I first started, I didn’t know what a REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) was.  Turns out, most cities have one or some variation of it, and they get together once or twice a month to share information and network.  It’s a great place to meet potential Buyers.  The downside of Craigslist is that you get a lot of tire kickers who are not always real investors but at REIA meetings, you meet real deal, active investors who are almost always looking for the next good deal!

Later, after I had been wholesaling for a while, I found out that another great way to find Buyers is to find out what LLC’s owned properties in the area where the property you’re selling is located.  An LLC usually implies its owned by an investor and if they already own properties in the area, chances are they may be open to buying more.  

Nowadays, there are more hi-tech ways to find these kind of investors with software like Propstream or Deal Machine or list providers that sell “cash buyers” lists if you want to spend the money.  But, if you’re starting out and don’t have a lot of cash, you might want to do it the old-fashion way and that is by looking them up through the tax assessor’s office for that county. 

Accessing records is different in every State but where I live, it’s online and if you put in a street name without a house number, then all the records for that street will come up.  You can then see which ones are owned by LLC’s.  I usually do all surrounding streets to the property I have under contract.  Then, I look up those LLC’s.

Another way is partnering with other Wholesalers who have Buyers lists and offering them a percentage of your deal if they market your property to their list.

Some people call numbers on “For Rent” signs as a way to find Buyers or call landlords of apartment buildings.  All these things can lead to finding Buyers for your properties.  It’s not that difficult but it does take time and work.  The good thing is you don’t need a ton of names.  All you need is a few really solid Buyers who are always open to a good deal.  It’s quality over quantity.

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