I don’t know about you but, sometimes, I get so caught up in “doing” all the things I have to do in a week, the hustle and bustle of just living in a fast paced world, that I forget how important it is to slow down and decompress.  And now with COVID, even if you’re not working, it’s so easy to fill your mind with stress and anxiety, that it becomes all-consuming.

I hate to use this cliched analogy but our bodies really are like cars in the sense that, every now and then, we need a tune-up, a `spiritual’ tune-up, to realign our bodies with spirit.  We have to get back to a place of centeredness so that we can rejuvenate and operate again at our optimum level.

Some people do it through meditation.  Some through yoga.  Sometimes all it takes is a long walk and some deep breaths to feel revigorated again.  Whatever works for you, don’t forget to make it a part of your weekly routine so that you can stay tuned up and tuned in.  Namaste.

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