I’ve been on my spiritual journey for quite sometime but as much as I think I know, I, still, sometimes let outside circumstances get the best of me.  That was the case earlier this week when I was stressing over some things that had happened and I couldn’t figure out a solution.  Then, all of a sudden, I heard a voice inside me say, “Wait a minute, you’ve done the work.  You’ve done what you need to do, now let God do his part.”

I instantly relaxed and what came to me were the words of one of my favorite gospel songs, “Yesterday”, by Mary, Mary that goes:

“Either I’m gon’ trust you or I might as well walk away,
‘Cause stressing don’t make it better, don’t make it better no way…”

I immediately decided to let it go and get on with my day.  Later that afternoon, I found out that the solution to my problem had already been put in motion.  I just didn’t find out about it until later!   

What I realized is that many times what we “fear” in the moment are things that have not even happened yet.  We paralyze ourselves with fear of what will happen in the future if “this” happens or if “that” happens.  If we can stop ourselves in the middle of these anxious moments and realize what we’re fearing hasn’t happened yet, then we may be able to calm down and think more clearly about the situation.  If there is something more we need to do, then we’ll be led to that, but, if we’ve done our spiritual work, no matter what the practice is, and we’ve done all we can do physically, then its time to “let go and let God be GOD!”


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