August 21, 2020 – Creative Financing: Part 2

August 21, 2020 – Creative Financing: Part 2


“The people who make it in this world look around for the circumstances
they want and if they don’t find them, they create them.”
-George Bernard Shaw-
Hi Readers!

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about multiple alternatives to “traditional financing” available to real estate investors.  As part of the on-going service I want to provide to my readers is to let you guys know about new discoveries and helpful information I come across that might assist you in your real estate business.

To that end, I recently came across information about a group of African-Americans who have established an Investment Club to help fund real estate projects by minority investors.  It’s called, “Funding The Block” and I am interviewing the Founder, Ms. Donna Rosby, below so she can tell you all about it!

Also, check out my “Inspiration Corner” this week as I talk about a spiritual principle that I’m often reminded of that I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to as well, and that is knowing when it’s time to “let go and let God”. 

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So, let’s get to it.  

Lena W. Claybon

Feature Story

As I mentioned above, my guest this week is Donna Rosby, Founder of “Funding The Block”, an African-American Investment Club that funds real estate projects for and by minority investors.  The Club has been in existence for a little under a year and is already poised to do great things for the community.  So without further adieu, I present to you Ms. Donna Rosby.

RTRE:  Hi Ms. Donna.  Welcome to Rock The Real Estate.

DONNA:  Thank you very much.

RTRE:  So, when I first reached out to you, I told you that I heard about you from another podcast I was listening to with a young lady you had funded.

DONNA:  Yes, that was Tasha McCray.  The way this whole thing started is that I was in another group that Tasha had started called NurseREI.  It was an investment club for Nurses where Tasha had brought groups of Nurses together to buy real estate.  So, as a Nurse, I was part of that group.  But, just so you know, I am an investment club Queen!  I have six investment clubs right now!

RTRE:  Wow!

DONNA:  Most of them are stock-related clubs but I love them because investment clubs are a wonderful way to invest, to teach, to collaborate and to socialize at the same time with a small amount of money to get the same results with compounded interest so it just makes sense.

RTRE:  Right.  

DONNA:  So, what happened is that when I first got into Nurse REI, I wasn’t ready to jump right in because I’d invested in real estate before and during the crash in 2008, I lost a lot of money so I just wanted to watch and see how it was going to go for a while.  So, they did their first deal.  They used the money they raised to buy a property but the property ended up needed more rehabbing than they thought and nobody wanted to put in any more money to rehab it.

RTRE:  Oh no.

DONNA:  So, we all were discussing different options, and at first, I was just going to fund it myself but I thought if I do that, I’m only benefiting myself so I went to a few friends and got them involved and we ended up funding that deal.

RTRE:  You funded the “rehab” portion of the deal?

DONNA:  That’s correct.  It was 10 of us and we put in $20,000 at an interest rate that we agreed on for a 3-month term and it turned out great!  We made money and I was like, “Hey, I like this.  We need to keep this going and that’s how “Funding the Block” came about.

RTRE:  So, it’s all Nurses also?

DONNA:  No, no.  I didn’t want it to be just nurses.  I wanted to open it up to be bigger than just nurses.  As a matter of fact, instead of just 10, I decided to put together a group of 100 because it would be a bigger opportunity and we’d be able to fund more projects.

RTRE:  Wonderful!  Are you completely funded at this point?

DONNA:  We’ve got four slots left but that’s by choice.  I have people who want to invest but they have to come by referral only.  They have to be connected to someone in the group.  That’s our way of vetting them.

RTRE:  I see.  Ok, so anyone can apply for this funding, right?

DONNA:   Right.

RTRE:  What is your criteria?

DONNA:  So, since we’re not a large fund, we can’t do origination projects.  In other words, we can’t fund the “purchase” of property right now, so the property already has to be purchased and “owned” by the borrower.  Then, we can fund the “rehab” if we can take a first position against the property.

RTRE:  So, they can’t have another loan on the property?

DONNA:  No, they have to own Title.  We want to eventually be able to do purchase loans but we’re just not there yet.  One other thing we can offer though is, “proof of funds” for investors, depending on the deal.

RTRE:  So, like, if they needed to show proof of funds to get a property under contract, you could provide a letter or something saying that the funds are on deposit?

DONNA:  Yes, that’s something we started recently with Wholesalers.  But, I tell everyone, regardless of what our criteria is, go ahead and fill out an application anyway because depending on the deal, there might be ways we can still help out.

RTRE:  So, how can people apply?

DONNA:  They can go to our website at and apply there or send us an email.

RTRE:  Ok, Ms. Donna, well thank you so much for this great information and for what you’re doing in the community.

DONNA:  You’re so welcome and thank you for helping me get the word out!

Manifestation Corner

I’ve been on my spiritual journey for quite sometime but as much as I think I know, I, still, sometimes let outside circumstances get the best of me.  That was the case earlier this week when I was stressing over some things that had happened and I couldn’t figure out a solution.  Then, all of a sudden, I heard a voice inside me say, “Wait a minute, you’ve done the work.  You’ve done what you need to do, now let God do his part.”

I instantly relaxed and what came to me were the words of one of my favorite gospel songs, “Yesterday”, by Mary, Mary that goes:

“Either I’m gon’ trust you or I might as well walk away,
‘Cause stressing don’t make it better, don’t make it better no way…”

I immediately decided to let it go and get on with my day.  Later that afternoon, I found out that the solution to my problem had already been put in motion.  I just didn’t find out about it until later!   

What I realized is that many times what we “fear” in the moment are things that have not even happened yet.  We paralyze ourselves with fear of what will happen in the future if “this” happens or if “that” happens.  If we can stop ourselves in the middle of these anxious moments and realize what we’re fearing hasn’t happened yet, then we may be able to calm down and think more clearly about the situation.  If there is something more we need to do, then we’ll be led to that, but, if we’ve done our spiritual work, no matter what the practice is, and we’ve done all we can do physically, then its time to “let go and let God be GOD!”


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