About Us

Rock The Real Estate provides the roadmap to get you started in Real Estate.

Rock The Real Estate was born out of a desire to help people who are interested in real estate, especially those in underserved communities, find their pathway to success.  Many people are interested in real estate but have no clue how or where to begin.  Rock The Real Estate is here to solve that dilemma through providing information, tools and  resources that speak directly to our audience.  We are beginning with a weekly newsletter but will be adding courses, e-books, mentoring services and a proprietary starter kit in the near future.

Our mission is to provide our subscribers with solid and tested information, strategies, and win-win partnerships, that will allow them to TAKE ACTION and succeed in today’s real estate market.

Our Team

Lena is a former television writer/producer-turned-real-estate-wholesaler/rehabber/landlord.  In 2014, after moving from Los Angeles back to her hometown in Louisiana, she discovered a passion for real estate.  She started out wholesaling single family residential properties then mobile home parks.  In 2018, she began flipping houses. This led to her also becoming a landlord.  In 2020, she decided to combine her two passions, writing and real estate and created the Rock The Real Estate Newsletter to help others. Her future plans are to continue flipping, building her rental portfolio and building the Rock The Real Estate brand.



Kayela began real estate out of the desire to leave the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to leave to her children. In 2014, she started wholesaling with a mentor and continued her education in real estate by obtaining her real estate license in 2016. As a Realtor she listed and sold single family homes in the Houston area. Because of her passion to help others succeed, in 2020 she joined forces with Lena Claybon to help build an educational platform to help others pursue their desire to invest in real estate. 



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